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Hi all 
10:00pm 26/11/2006
  Hi all,

I'm new here & a new fan to Law & Order: CI.  I really like this show & I'm happy to meet others who are fans of the show.
Law and Order: Criminal Intent icons: 6x01 - Blind Spot 
11:41pm 28/09/2006
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I've made some icons for the LOCI premier. BEWARE, image heavy (LOTS of icons). I hope you like them (^-^).


1 2 3

The rest can be seen at my Livejournal.

Follow me, folks!
L&O:CI and Vincent D'Onofrio icons + 1 wallpaper + 1 header 
06:23pm 13/09/2006
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Hi, though I've been doing graphics for some time now, this is my first time doing L&O:CI. I hope you enjoy them (^_^). For those with low connections, this is very image heavy, so BEWARE.


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The rest can be found HERE, at my livejournal.
09:48pm 08/09/2006
  k, so I wrote this for a lawandorder100 or thursday100plus challenge, but by the time my laptop got the internet back the challenges had changed. Alas. I'm proud of this one, though. It's about the day Bobby "realized his mommy wasn't like all the other mommies" as
Nicole put it. all comments and constructive critiscism very much appreciated.

Title: Forget
Character: Goren, family
Rating: PG13 for CA
Word Count: 552

ForgetCollapse )
11:34pm 30/08/2006
  So I was just watching what is perhaps the most important episode of CI. (And of course, I can't remember the name of it.) Anyway, it's when we first encounter Nicole Wallace. The shoe store scene gave me warm fuzzies, as usual. I love how eames says, "you know, we could just ask," and Goren just kind of smirks.

The moment in that episode that really sticks with me, though, is at the end. They're at Nicole's apartment after she's gotten away and eames says, "Were you expecting her to be waiting with tea and a glass of sherry for us?" She just seems so... idk...jealous, you know? Goren was so captivated with Wallace. I wish I could see how Eames was reacting during Wallace's interrogation. It's obvious there's some kind of chemistry between Bobby and Nicole, but I wonder if Bobby even lets himself realize he has feelings for her?

But I guess that's an entirely different thing. I think he doesn't let himself realize he has feelings for any woman. The psychologist in me is saying it's because of his mother and how he could never depend on her.

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06:06pm 21/05/2006
Total -
House - 20
Criminal Intent - 4
24 - 9
Misc. - 5

Sneak peek..
11. I almost died laughing when I saw that cap. He had actually just smoked a cigarette while doing a brief undercover sort of thing, and apparently didn't like the taste.. From 'Badge'.  36. For these, Goren's on the left, and Eames is on the right. 'But Not Forgotten'.

(Under the rose line..)

msome more CI gifs.... this time its goren...squeeee!! 
11:01pm 12/05/2006
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my new gif's for goren....credit 2 jen vid i capped from various vids..and credit for rob for makin em gifs..i just capped em :)...

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CI gifs 
03:18am 11/05/2006
  made some CI gifs up... they r too big for icons i think most of em... but if u can resize em u have my blessing to use them... if u give me credit for em :)... btw... credit for the captions i took... goes to jen..and her vid "trapped". and i had help from my friend rob to make these...and im still squee-ing MASSIVELY at my goren icon lol sigh...he can push me around ANYTIME!.lol

goren and deakins and goren and nicole wallace cos she rox lolCollapse )
CI episode name and season number? 
03:53pm 08/05/2006
  i watched a brilliant CI video made by u jen... i think its in take me to heaven... theres a scene in a casino by the looks of it where some guy is in a corner pointing and bein quite agressive to our alex eames and goren walks acros the room and throws his folder at him and pins him against the wall(sigh omg im a total BA girl and i love forceful goren..lol)... what episode is this from and from what season?..i know its not from season 1 or 2 cos i have them on dvd box set....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the ep on tv last night was nutso nelly lmao... flirty goren was so cute...lmao
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05:30pm 02/05/2006
  Hi. First post here, and I come bearing a bit of the Vincent-y goodness. Hehe..

List - 
House/Hugh Laurie/Houseisms - 23
24/Kiefer Sutherland/Other Kiefer Movies - 7
Ewan McGregor - 4
Misc. - 2
Star Wars - 1
Vincent D'Onofrio - 4
CSI - 1
HP:POA/David Thewlis - 2

Crossposted elsewhere.

(You got another peanut on your pants..)

Edit - Oh yes, due to my inability to find any CI transcripts, I've recently deicded to start transcribing them myself. It's a slow process, but I've gotten one episode finished so far. 'Stress Position.' If anyone wants it, I can post it up somewhere.
04:36pm 19/04/2006
mood: creative
Hi all, I made CI icons.
Hope you like them! :)


Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

more over here

07:16am 19/03/2006
  Hi all. I'm new to this community, but I am addicted to CI. I am obsessed with Goren and the head tilt. I was just posting in to say hi. *doink doink*  
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VDO Interview 
02:17am 17/02/2006
  So I just stumbled upon another old VDO interview from The View. I think it's great that his mom owns a dog named Cat. :) And how he was able to put up with their interview process I'll never know...  
02:56pm 16/02/2006

vincent interview from mtv.com …Collapse )
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02:05am 23/01/2006

Q&A with vincent from newsweek's website ...Collapse )
'Cause Fluffy is good. 
09:18pm 29/11/2005
mood: awake
Rating: PG
Summary: Bobby forgets his birthday, Alex doesn't let him. Fluff to the max.

On to the FLUFFYCollapse )

As usual, please comment. They make me happy, and we all know a happy Andie is a good Andie. <3

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07:31pm 27/11/2005
mood: crazy
Hello! I'm a new member here. My name's Andie, and I've been a long time CI fan, but I'm new to writting fanfiction about it. Though I have written for other fandoms before. Anyway! I come baring a fic which you may or may not have read already!

Title: I should go
Rating: PG
Summary: A B/A fic. Bobby should go..

should he go?Collapse )

Crossposted, please comment. ^_^ It makes me want to write more.

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goren and sweet nicole. 
09:11pm 19/11/2005
  does anyone have anything they'd put together on the episodes featuring that interesante duo? it is something i am contemplating and i wish not to step on any toes.

btw, hi. i am a dirty recent CI addict. i don't like the new NotEames detective, though i can hang with Chris Noth's character. uh, that's all.
03:25am 02/11/2005
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I don't know if anyone here watches The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, but a couple nights ago, he was talking about an episode of CI in the beginning of the show and how much he loved it, and when he was done he said this:

"All I can say is, Mr. D'Onofrio, my hat's off to you.... and I love the way you tilt your head."


Not many people in the audience laughed, but I was cracking up. Goren's Head Tilt is infamous in the Criminal Intent community. :P
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03:14pm 15/09/2005

i just wanted to post an apology for not placing the salon.com interview that i posted earlier in the week behind an LJ cut. i am notoriously bad when it comes to something even as minorly technical as that! at any rate, i've figured it out and put the interview behind a cut, so i'm sorry to those i annoyed by failing to do so the first time around :)
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